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Dorridge & District Gardening Club & Bentley Heath Allotments


First aid kit

Attached behind the site notice board

Composting Bays

There are three bays at the corner by plot 21A. These are for communal use. At any one time, one bay will be covered while it is composting, one bay is available for depositing compost material (see Compost Code) and one bay is available for the compost to be dug out. When a bay is ready for digging out then we will remove the covers. While the covers are on the material is not sufficiently composted.

Three bay compost system

Composting Code

Please try and compost as much as possible on your own site. If you need advice about building a compost bin then
feel free speak to anyone of us who already has a bin. We will be delighted to help you.

What to put in your compost bin

  • Soft green waste such as plants and grass cuttings
  • Shredded paper
  • Shredded cardboard
  • Straw
  • Comfrey - a compost activator
  • Stinging nettles

What NOT to put in your compost bin

Invasive weeds like couch grass and convolvulous. Invasive weeds can be either put in a black bag and taken to the tip or put in a water container in which they will rot after a few months

Communal Compost Bins

The same rules apply to this as to your own compost bin.

This is primarily for surplus composting material which you have not got space to compost yourself. Remember that plot holders use this once it has composted so we do not want to spread pernicious weeds. Also, please do not put woody materials like fruit bush prunings and raspberry canes in the compost. They take far too long to compost.
When putting compost materials in a communal bay please pile the materials up as high as possible. This makes most efficient use of the space and also improves the composting process

Surplus plants

Can be taken from or left by the notice board


These are acceptable for tougher materials provided you follow the code posted on the Notice Board. Also please show consideration for your fellow plot holders and do not light smoky bonfires leaving the smoke to drift over other people.

Please do not bring materials from home as this constitutes fly tipping